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Catching Moments

Artist Statement


Leaf - Depth of Field

Demonstration of DoF

As an artist, I try to see the beauty in everything around me. It may be something within an object – patterns of grain in a piece of wood, for example, or a growth on a tree. It may be a waterfall in a forest or the picturesque beauty of a gorge. Sometimes, it’s a bunch of boat masts against a blue sky. Whatever it is, it is always my aim to capture as much of that small moment of beauty as possible.

My site is dedicated to those moments of time that are frozen through photography. I refer to them as Small Moments of Beauty. I try to see the beauty in all things – even the mundane. I use ‘Small Moments of Beauty’ to mean a couple of things. First, it can refer to a tiny part of something else. The bigger picture may not be that impressive, but a small part of it may hold a beauty of its own. From this stand point, I take macro shots, getting up close to the subject and centering on one aspect of it. In these moments, I capture images of small beauty that are, to most people, unperceivable.

Another aspect of my long-term project is capturing the bigger picture – freezing that exact moment (a small fraction of time) as a monument to a time that will never come again. This allows me to capture scenes such as landscapes, food coloring swirls in a vase of water, etc.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with HDR photography. This adds a new dimension to my small moments of beauty, enhancing the scene to give it a hyper-real or surreal look. I’ve had people ask me if the image they are looking at is really a photo or if I manufactured the picture purely electronically. Recently, I showed some of my art work to a professorin the Graphic Design department at CSCC and she kept asking, “Is it really a photograph?” She was sure that I had used Photoshop to produce the image or at least “painted” a photograph using Photoshop. I can assure you that the images are taken from the camera, made into tonemaps, and then processed into a finished image.

Thanks – John Hooks
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