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Catching Moments

More About the Artist

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Artist Philosophy

"I believe that intricacy of detail and complexity of subject need not contradict harmony nor an inherent simplicity of the whole."

--Eliot Porter, photographer

I have many photography interests. They include landscapes, studio art, portraits, manipulated, black and white, motion, and the list goes on. Each category comes with its own style of making the art. Here are a few of my thoughts:


Winter Scene

Digital Color Photography


My landscape projects are influenced by Eliot Porter (1901-1990), who many people consider to be the "grandfather of color landscape photography" (Keller).  According to the Soulcatcher Studio website, Porter has "spent a lifetime capturing the boundless complexities of nature on film," making it look effortless (Keller). I attempted to catch similar complexities in my photographs. I know that Porter introduced color to landscape photography, and that "in so doing, he created a new way of viewing the world that today has become commonplace" (Amon Carter Museum). Since Porter often had to resist contemporary notions that prioritized black and white photography over color, I choose to print many of my pictures in both black and white and color.

As a landscape photographer I have to be open to capturing what is there. The scenery changes every time I visit the site; it is never the same twice.


Tanacetum vulgare - Tansy

Macro Photography


Macro photography has been defined as an extreme close-up. While other definitions say that the subject must be at least a 1:1 ratio (or greater), I view it as means of seeing things that may otherwise be missed. Often, I will be taking a photo of a subject and hear people passing by make comments, such as: "he's taking a picture of nothing." Therefore, when I am taking macro shots, I know I am capturing something that others are not seeing. (Such as insects on a Tanzy.) I hope that my macros will cause you to stop and take notice of what is really going on around you.

Persimmon Splash

Persimmon Splash

Stop Motion Photography

Stopping Motion

Stop Motion photography is a way of capturing things that happen so fast we may not be able to see exactly what is actually happening. The famous photograph of a lightbulb being hit by a bullet is a good example. Capturing a drop of water breaking a surface is another. Playing off this concept, I try to capture things at just the right moment in order to show the beauty that lasts less than a second. This fits into my overall concept of "Small Moments of Beauty." That fraction of a second, frozen in time, captures an event that will never be seen again. The event may be replicated, but that exact scene is gone forever.

Elyria, OH
P: (123) 456-7890
John Hooks